Ansam, Nap Naje Pran Yo!

To provide the opportunity for our athletes to proudly represent our Country across international competitions and qualifiers, we need support from the community: Haitians, the Haitian Diaspora and friends of Haiti. Your support ensures that all of our athletes can compete at the highest level, focused 100% on representing Haiti and bringing home medals.







Tax deductible donations and sponsorship opportunities helps the Haitian Swimming Federation cover the costs of lodging, transportation, uniforms and training gear, meals and registration fees for the 2021 season of competitions. Events and competitions span across various countries including Puerto Rico, Greece, and Japan.   

Fundraising is managed through Sons and Daughters of Haiti, a U.S. based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that leverages the power of the Haitian Diaspora to improve the standard of living for their fellow Haitians.  SNDHaiti serves as the dedicated fundraising vehicle for the Haitian National team.  Their coordinated events and online platform allow for tax deductible contributions to be made in support of the Haitian National Team's Olympic aspirations.